Everything You Need To Know About Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s Offbeat Relationship


nine. A Puppy Challenge

It didn’t take lengthy after their marriage ceremony for rumors to unfold about Momoa and Bonet proudly owning a puppy donkey. Quickly, photos even surfaced of Bonet taking a donkey for a stroll thru their homeland, leash and all. It seems it used to be no longer a rumor in any respect.

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Pictures

When Porter Mag went to interview Bonet for a canopy tale at her ranch genre house, the reporter and Bonet have been greeted by way of her auburn donkey, Freya. We’re no longer certain what would catch our eye first, recognizing Bonet strolling down the road, or recognizing Freya in tow. Oh, simply every other day in Los Angeles, we wager. However a donkey isn’t the couple’s most effective odd puppy.