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D1CE (디원스) – pronounced D-ONCE, is a Five-member boy team underneath HF Track Corporate and is made up of contributors from the H Subsequent Boys venture. The crowd is composed of: Yonggeun, Hyunsoo, Yoojun, Woodam, and Jinyoung. They’ll make their debut someday in early June.

D1CE Fandom Identify: –
D1CE Legit Colours: Pantone 13-0919 & Pantone 19-0805

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Twitter: @officialD1CE
Instagram: @officiald1ce

D1CE Participants Profile:

Level Identify: Yonggeun (용근)
Delivery Identify: Jo Yong Geun (조용근)
Place: Chief
Birthday: January 23rd, 1995
Zodiac Signal: Aquarius
Peak: 175 cm (Five’nine″)
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Blood Kind: A

Yonggeun Facts:
– He was once a contestant on Produce 101 (ranked 93).
– He ranked MIXNINE (ranked 25th).
– Schooling: Kyunghee College.
– He and Jinyoung were buddies for eight years.
– He auditioned for MIXNINE, with Woodam, Hyunsoo, Jinyoung and former contributors Jaehee, Junhyeong, Hyunsik, Jongmin, and Yooncheol, however they didn’t cross the audition.
– Sooner than turning into a trainee, Yonggeun attended STC Academy with Minhwan, Jinyoung and former contributors Jaehee and Hyungjin.
– He’s buddies with EXO‘s Sehun, BLK‘s Taebin, IN2IT‘s Jiahn and The Rose‘s Dojoon.
– His position style is EXO‘s D.O.
– Yonggeun was once a DSP Media trainee from September 2014 to 2016, along Produce 101’s Choi Dongha.
– Yonggeun and Junhyeong made an look within the “Fri. Sat. Solar.” teasers by way of Dal★Shabet along Ziu of VAV.
– He gave the impression within the 1st episode of Gu Hara ON&OFF: The Gossip as probably the most DSP Media trainees along Joonghee of A-JAX, Dojoon of The Rose, BM, J.Seph and Somin of Okay.A.R.D, Chaekyung and Jinsol of APRIL, in addition to Yuji of Apple.B.


Level Identify: Hyunsoo (현수)
Delivery Identify: Kim Hyun Soo (김현수)
Birthday: April 12th, 1995
Zodiac Signal: Aries
Peak: 176 cm (Five’nine″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Kind:

Hyunsoo Facts:
– He was once a contestant on MIXNINE (ranked 14th).
– He’s from Daegu, South Korea.
– Schooling: Kyunghee College.
– He has an excessively distinctive and husky voice.
– He’s recognized for his dad jokes.
– He has an excessively robust dialect.
– He has a “marshmallow abdominal”, so his objective is to have abs.
– His position fashions are Park Hyoshin and his father.
– He formally debuted as a sub-unit with Jinyoung on June 14th 2018, with the music “Falling In Love”.


Level Identify: Yoojun (유준)
Delivery Identify: Jung Min Hwan (정민환)
Birthday: July 26th, 1995
Zodiac Signal: Most cancers
Peak: 178 cm (Five’10”)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Blood Kind: O

Yoojun Facts:
– He has a more youthful sister.
– Schooling: Kyunghee College.
– Minhwan skilled at STC Academy.
– Minhwan is a former Woollim trainee.
– Minhwan was once a contestant on Boys24, underneath Unit Inexperienced and then Unit Blue (ranked peak 17).
– Minhwan featured in Dreamcatcher‘s “Complete Moon” quick MV.
– He additionally featured in a efficiency with HF soloist Lee Sieun (former member of RAMISU).
– Minhwan is very best buddies with fellow Unit Inexperienced member Choi Chani.
– He acted within the webdrama “Lemon Automobile” in 2017.
– Yoojun, Woodam and Jinyoung launched their Particular Virtual Unmarried ‘너 참 예쁘다’ on December second, 2018.
– With their new Virtual Unmarried, it was once introduced that Minhwan can be the use of the level title ‘Jung Yoojun’.


Level Identify: Woodam (우댐)
Delivery Identify: Park Woo Dam (박우댐)
Birthday: August second, 1995
Zodiac Signal: Leo
Peak: 173 cm (Five’eight″)
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Blood Kind:

Woodam Facts:
– Schooling: Dong-ah College.
– He was once a contestant on Produce 101 Season 2 (ranked 35th).
– He was once probably the most very best vocalists on Produce 101.
– Woodam is a former DJ on AfreecaTV, his content material is now unavailable.
– He auditioned for MixNine, however they didn’t cross the audition.
– He was once intended to take part in Boys24, however dropped out prior to the beginning.
– Woodam is understood for his wide selection as a vocalist.
– He loves to do the opposite member’s makeup.
– He’s just right buddies with RAINZ‘ Joo Wontak.
– Woodam, Jinyoung and Yoojun launched their Particular Virtual Unmarried ‘너 참 예쁘다’ on December second, 2018.


Level Identify: Jinyoung (진영)
Delivery Identify: Woo Jin Younger (우진영)
Place: Maknae
Birthday: Might 31st, 1997
Zodiac Signal: Gemini
Peak: 173 cm (Five’eight″)
Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs)
Blood Kind: AB

Jinyoung Facts:
– His nicknames are Woochinom and Charmander.
– Jinyoung gained the nickname “Loco” all over his instances as a JYP trainee on account of his resemblance to the rapper.
– He has an older brother serving in army.
– His father kicked the bucket a couple of years in the past.
– Schooling: Kyunghee College.
– He was once a player on Produce 101 (ranked 40th).
– He were given in point of fact in style on Produce 101 on account of his iconic catch word “Woo Jinyoung mitcheoji” (Woo Jinyoung is loopy).
– He ranked 1st on MIXNINE.
– He has been buddies with Yonggeun for eight years.
– His father sought after him to turn out to be an actor.
– Sooner than turning into a trainee, he attended STC academy.
– Jinyoung handed the examination for SOPA, however then he dropped out of college and most effective took an examination to get GED on the age of 17.
– He was once casted by way of JYP, Dice, FNC, Starship, and Happyface Leisure.
– He was once a JYP Leisure trainee till the start of 2016.
– He’s with reference to Stray ChildrenHan and Bang Chan in addition to I.O.I‘s Jeon Somi.
– He’s additionally with reference to the contributors of ONFA.C.E‘s Donghun and Byeongkwan, Seven O’Clock‘s Hangyeom and former member Vaan, in addition to the YG Trainees Lee Byounggon and Choi Hyunsuk.
– Jinyoung, Woodam and Yoojun launched their Particular Virtual Unmarried ‘너 참 예쁘다’ on December second 2018.

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