She Has Been Reborn


[Blind Gossip] This famous over-30 movie actress is known for upbeat movies where people fall in love and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t personally been that happy lately.

She has always wanted to have a daughter but has been unsuccessful so far.

She actually went into a bit of a depression about it. She thought it was her fault that she didn’t have the little girl she always wanted.

One of her friends gave her a doll as a gift.

The doll is a very lifelike baby that some people refer to as a “reborn.”

She does not take the doll in public, but whenever she is in private, the doll is with her. She gave it the name [redacted], cuddles with her, changes her clothes and just generally treats her like it’s a real baby. It’s weird but it seems to make her happy.

By the way, that is a reborn-type doll in the photo!

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[Optional] What would you think if one of your adult friends was carrying around a doll like this?