John Legend’s Valentine’s Day Tribute to Chrissy Teigen is (Not Surprisingly) Hilarious


The self-proclaimed “King of Valentines Day” and the Sexiest Man Alive John Legend stepped in for Ellen as guest host for the second time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a special Valentine’s Day episode. And leading up to this love-filled holiday even Spotify proved Legend to be the ultimate romantic with his hit “All of Me” as the most-added song in love-themed playlists. But no one knows how truly romantic he can be than wife Chrissy Teign.

And nothing says romance than a tribute about her feet —yup, you heard correctly. Legend told the audience, “I heard that Ellen created a little clip about my wife Chrissy, she’s calling it a ‘celebrity fun fact’ clip. Let’s see what she put together.”

From photos on the Baby2Baby gala red carpet to Chrissy posing for NBC’s Bring the Funny, this video montage features eight beautiful shots of Chrissy’s beautifully-painted toenails and well, it’s pretty hilarious.

And while Chrissy hates her feet, telling Ellen, “I have horrible feet,” Legend, being the gracious loving husband that he is, tells the audience after the clip wrapped, “I personally am in love with her feet. I love her feet a lot and in honor of Valentine’s Day, I asked the good folks at Ellen to put together a tribute to her perfectly, unique feet.

And what better track to play during this video montage of Chrissy’s feet than “All of Me” — because as the lyrics say, he loves all her perfect imperfections. But don’t think for a minute he wasn’t fully aware Chrissy might not be too thrilled with the zoomed-in shots of her cute little toes, “Honestly, she literally is going to kill me but I think those feet are beautiful and I love them and I want to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to my wife.”

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